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General History of Women in Firms

The world today has now become a place where women have started to occupy many public sectors. It is, of course, different from decades or even centuries ago where their only places were in the local domains. Education, law, politics, and another department of repressive state apparatus are some of the examples of their career options nowadays. With the increasing numbers of female workers these days, it has opened and changed the society’s perception that they are indeed capable of doing things that were formerly only available within the men’s reach. Politics and law are two of them.

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Speaking about such movements means digging deep into the roots of their struggle to win their places in public sector, which was flooded by men only and the presence of their female partners in that domain would bring nothing but a harassing look. Therefore, below is the general history of women in the political movement we all should know.

The Suffrage Movement

capitol buildingTalking about the suffrage movement might drag your memory back to the end of the eighteenth century where it was illegal for them to participate in any kind of elections. Had it not been because of the feminist organizations and struggles, women of the twentieth century would not have been able to go to the polls. It is true that this organization relates heavily to feminism and that it holds quite a strong bond with their life aspects, not only about their position in the political domain but also their place in the households.

However, such movements also result in their success in penetrating the ‘male world’ of law, allowing them to practice their will freely without any ban. The first woman ever to sit in the law bar examination, as one example of their success, was Arabela Mansfield who proved eligible to be part of that so-called ‘man-only area’. Since then, more and more female figures were noted to have successfully made their way to the public, either practical politics or law.

Law Nowadays

It is quite a sad truth that now female figures are still one under-represented side in the government and in many law firms despite the massive movement to struggle for the active female role in the sector. While it is true that the number of their participation in the government has now reached more than twenty percent, quite a significant increase compared to decades ago, we cannot just ignore the fact that many still perceive the number as only one useless way to compete with men, reinforcing the female’s weak position. Therefore, with all the access to the better-quality education, more figures with visions are expected to enter the justice world, proving that they are indeed eligible for the position.…

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